Inspection WIFI Endoscope, 5.5mm Tip, LED tip
Inspection WIFI Endoscope, 5.5mm Tip, LED tip
Product Number: T998
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Note: This endoscope requires a smart phone or computer with wi-fi to download the app to use it.

Use the endoscope to inspect cracks, bass bar issues, potential buzzing, workmanship, record data and more!
Inspection WiFi Endoscope with a HD720P 2.0 mega pixel Camera within a 5.5mm tip. Easily fit this endoscope inside of your instrument and inspect in real time, snap pictures or record video. The 6 LED lights will illuminate as you navigate. The generous 4ft cord will reach any corner of any instrument. Also Includes a 90 degree attachment to view hard to reach areas. Waterproof and Compatible with Andriod, IOS, Tablet, Mac and Windows.

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