Pfeil Woodworking Knife, 3.5mm Blade, without handle
Pfeil Woodworking Knife, 3.5mm Blade, without handle
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Made of alloyed Swiss tool steel (hardness ca. 59 - 60 RC),
Double bevel blade 3.5mm blade, 2mm thickness, 160mm length

The Swiss Pfeil company is the leading European maker of carving tools. Every blade they manufacture is drop-forged from a very tough, hard steel alloy made exclusively for Pfeil. The blades are subsequently heat-treated in an electric furnace and then ground and polished by hand. The blades are uniformly hardened over their entire length to 59 - 61 RC and securely mounted to oiled ash handles using aninterior ferrule, making them virtually unbreakable.<span style="\&quot;FONT-FAMILY:" times="" new="" roman="" serif;="" font-size:="" 10pt\"="">

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