2022 Strad Calendar
2022 Strad Calendar
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2022 Strad Calendar - For this year’s calendar, The Strad has partnered with the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation. Established in 1988, it has accumulated one of the largest collections of instruments in Europe, with a total value estimated at over €36 million. More than 400 are stringed instruments, along with 250 bows.

The twelve instruments in the 2022 Calendar this year are:

  • 1696 Hendrik Jacobs cello
  • 1715 Giuseppe Guarneri ‘filius Andreae’ cello
  • c. 1716 Antonio Stradivari violin ‘Paul Godwin’
  • 1725 Pietro Guarneri of Venice violin ‘Reine Elisabeth’
  • 1734 Gennaro Gagliano cello
  • c. 1736 Giuseppe Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin
  • 1750 Giovanni Battista Guadagnini Baroque cello
  • 1750 Santo Serafin violin
  • c. 1750 Michele Angelo Bergonzi violin
  • c. 1770 Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi double bass
  • 1844 Giuseppe Antonio Rocca violin
  • 1867 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume viola




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