Essential Guide to Bows of the VN Family by Gabriel Schaff
Essential Guide to Bows of the VN Family by Gabriel Schaff
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The Essential Guide to Bows of the Violin Family by Gabriel Schaff- A uniquely complete guide to bows for the violin, viola and cello. Topics covered are history and evolution, the different schools of bow-making, shopping and auditioning bows, and 13 interviews with musicians, bow-makers, experts and more. All the information you need to know in one place. A high quality and collectible book, made for posterity. 97 pages, Hardcover.
From a review: "This attractive book opens with an informative introduction to bows of the violin family, containing beautiful pictures of French, German and English bows from the 18th to the 20th century. The second part the book gives a condensed description of the use of the violin bow from Corelli to Tchaikovsky, followed by a number of useful comments on design and materials. In the last part a number of well-known instrumentalists and bow makers give their valuable opinion on bows."

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