String Instrument Setups by Chuck Traeger
String Instrument Setups by Chuck Traeger
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String Instrument Setups - 10 Setups That Will Make Your Instrument Louder, Better, and Easier to Play by Chuck Traeger
Book -The culmination of forty-five years of acoustic research involving Traeger's old standby, the double bass, and, in turn, any string instrument with a moveable bridge and a moveable tailpiece, or one that can be made moveable. Proper setup can change a clunker into a good workman bass, or a very good stringed instrument into a world-class instrument. This book is designed to be an encyclopedia of all the latest knowledge on the things that can improve the sound of string instruments. Chuck describes his discoveries in what he calls "Traeger's Principle," and gives you ten simple setups to individual parts of stringed instruments that will greatly enhance the sound and playability. 6" x 9" 113 pages

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