Herdim Cello Fingerboard, Braided Carbon Composite
Herdim Cello Fingerboard, Braided Carbon Composite
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Herdim Braided Carbon Composite Cello Fingerboard, 4/4 size.
Carbon composite offers low weight and high stiffness and these properties can be successfully utilised in bowed instruments. Together with deteriorating quality of ebony the construction of fingerboard from this futuristic material is a logical solution. A unique idea of lateral ebony lining enables to fit the fingerboard in a traditional way to any width of a cello neck. The veneer-lined bottom assures easy gluing to the neck. The longitudinal curvature of the fingerboard is precisely incorporated already in the construction, thus a big part of the traditional adjustment work is already delivered. The carbon fingerboard offers high stiffness, moisture and temperature stability incomparable to ebony fingerboards, with uncompromised durability. A perfect option for a student instrument.
Dimensions 580 x 31/62 mm
·        Precise longitudinal curvature incorporated
·        Durability, temperature and moisture stability
·        Adjustable to all cello neck widths

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