Joha Antique Stain,100ml #421 Water Stain
Joha Antique Stain,100ml #421 Water Stain
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Joha Liquid Antique Stain #421
The stain # 421 is a ready-to-use oxidation stain. After application, it changes color in broad daylight and in the air, from colorless to old grey-brown. This stain is applied evenly with a brush or natural sponge. and let them dry in broad daylight. It changes color with light and air. Once the desired color has been achieved, sand lightly with fine sandpaper and apply 1 x base coat. This prevents further tanning. It is best to carry out a test stain and varnish to see the final result beforehand, as tanning varies on different types of wood. This stain emphasizes the annual rings particularly well.
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